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Àsìkò is a conceptual photographer and visual artist - his artistry is anchored by emotional experiences as a Nigerian-born (and raised) British citizen, who is on a lifelong cultural and spiritual exploration of a nuanced Yoruba heritage. His artwork is often motivated by an innate pursuit for conscious self-awareness, authentic creative expression and the gradual development of a visual language that articulates the liberatory possibilities of the African diasporic identity. As such, the work is aspirational.

Initiated by internal dialogue, Àsìkò’s images spark honest conversations with the audience that help to question some of the ethical contradictions inherently used in modern depictions of Yoruba culture. With an intrinsically sensual approach, the female form is often the epicenter - where the body becomes the subject - generating new ideas around feminism, power dynamics and violence. Each series tests the limits of femininity and masculinity, spirituality and beauty, our relationship with nature and figuring out where we truly belong. Àsìkò’s visual aesthetic comes with adornment and choreographed movement, juxtaposed with atmospheric locations, strong imagery and a distinct seductive charge. 

Power Influencer Rate Card

1. Sponsored Post - £150 per post

2. Site Post - £200 to £500

3. FB Post w/brand tagging - £400

4. Facebook Re-share - £150

5. Twitter Post w/brand tagging - £100 to £125

6. Retweet Post - £50

7. Instagram Post - £500

8. IG Repost - £300

9. Social Media Tagging plus channel fees - £400

10. Social Media Tagging with Photo/Video - £300

11. Video Content - starts £850



Visual Artist - Photography + Film + Mixed Media

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